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Common Moving Company Myths

Moving is a big job. Most people hire moving companies to help minimize the stressors of the day. However, thanks to many myths surrounding moving companies, some people miss out on the advantages of relocating with professional help. Don’t include yourself in that category. Read below to learn some of the most common myths that exist and know the truth of the matter.

movers in pinellas county fl

Myth One: Moving Companies are Expensive

Moving companies charge an average rate of $90 – $200/per hour.  Their service includes use of a moving truck as well as moving equipment. They also provide the manpower so heavy lifting is not in your day. Minimizing moving company costs is simple if you request free quotes, compare rates, and take advantage of special deals.

Myth Two: All Moving Companies are the Same

Many movers in pinellas county fl offer service, but don’t hire the first name, assuming they provide service that matches what you’re accustomed to or what the guy’s next door offer.  Search for a moving company that delivers experience and expertise as well as a good reputation and hire the experts that ensure a smooth move.

Myth Three: Moving is Still Stressful With a Moving Company

Take a deep breath and relax. When a moving company is there, you can rest assured your belongings are safely move to the new location without any damage. They’ll help you relocate quickly so your new life can begin. Some say that moving is a stressful event, but if you find the right moving company, this simply isn’t true.

Myth Four: License & Insurance isn’t Important

Never hire movers without a license and insurance. This moving company is risky and when your belongings are on the line, it isn’t a chance you should take. License and insurance protects your move and gives you the peace of mind that you need and deserve.

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