Silicon Wafer Manufacturing Highlights

High grade silicon wafers have been sold for many years already. Today, silicon wafer manufacturers of any size (?) can manufacture silicon wafers of any diameter. A latest development is the processing of an ultra flat four hundred millimeter diameter wafer. And guess what? Guess where silicon wafer manufacturers are located. In Silicon Valley, where else. You would think this makes sense, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, the wafer manufacturers are able to cater for businesses around the world. A sustainable practice is that of wafer reclaiming. Nothing goes to waste during this nine step process. Making sure of the quality finishes, no less than four of these steps entail inspection or quality assurance work.

And the work is completed in a day. Not only that, thousands of wafers can be produced within a day. Does that take something away from the expected quality? Well, put no less than four quality assurance tests, let’s just say, to the test. And then the wafers can be shipped to any corner of the globe. The wafers are being produced precisely in accordance with SEMI standards or laid down specifications dictated to by industrial and manufacturing clients. This has some relevance for the semiconductor industry. Let’s return to the ultra flat wafer for a second. Silicon wafer manufacturing technicians have created a first wax free method of silicon wafer polishing. The object of the exercise is to achieve ultra flatness with minimal cost to the client.

silicon wafer manufacturer

A special part of this business that should ensure sustainability for all stakeholders, including this business, going forward, is the reclaiming work. That much was said already. All nine steps can reclaim rejected silicon wafers several times over. What more to add to this highly specialist polishing business where no wax is being used.

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